wANT TO BE EVEN MORE Attractive? 

Want to be more attractive to the opposite sex? Surround yourself with the beautiful people. And there’s science to prove it! According to a scientific study by Willard Waller (“The Rating and Dating Complex”. American Sociological Review), you are better looking when you sit near people who are physically attractive. Social psychologists call it the “association effect”, or the “glitter” phenomenon. It does not even matter what relationship, if any, you have to the good-looking people. Just being near them is enough. Now, it seems science wants you to become a member of DreamMatches, the dating site for good-looking people, so you can improve on your already impressive appearance, and meet your perfect, and beautiful, mate.

By the way, once you’ve been accepted as a DreamMatch member, we’ve added the ability to “LIKE” our webpage on Facebook. It’s the electronic way to associate yourself with the beautiful people. (ok, and to show off a little bit)



how to join 

To apply simply click on the button below. You'll need a photo with a clear face shot. If you really want to show your stuff feel free to post a scantily clad body shot. Nothing pornographic, We want to keep it tasteful.

You will receive a return e-mail once your application has been considered. If you qualify as a DREAM MEMBER, you will receive a special sign-up link so you can set up your account right away!

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