We offer an honor-based member-to-member certification system to help identify users who misrepresent their photos.

What you see
is what you get.TM

When you see a CertiFriend Certification Seal (to right) next to a member's profile, you can be pretty certain they are a real person and that is their photo.  

Please note, that this service is not designed to identify and protect you from wierdos, freaks, and those of questionable moral character. Its meant as a tool to help you weed out users who fake their photos.  It is also not fool proof, as it is honor-based on the word of other members of the system. If you do come across someone here that has faked his or her photo please notify us using the Certify / Revoke link above.

Besides helping vouch for someone's photo, it can also help you avoid getting on junk e-mail lists. On typical dating sites junk mailers (spammers) use fake member accounts to capture your e-mail address. You'll often see your perfect match, who's summary asks you to write them at an outside email address. Generally, the account is fake and you are simply sending your email to a spammer who'll be sending you junk mail for the next ten years. With Certifriend, you can avoid that, knowing that some other member on here has vouched for that person's true identity. By looking for a certification seal before you contact someone, you can avoid spammers, posers, and bots.  

By getting a CertiFriend Seal, you'll let others know you are for real, and will increase your chances of meeting new friends.